Went here for a birthday party activity before going out later at night. Incredibly fun. I think they charge about $30 a person for a group as they provide training for about an hour to everyone then setup a knockout style tournament for your group. You can bring beer (and drink in moderation given you are throwing axes!). Was a lot more fun than I expected and I do plan to go back!


Dil M.,

I organized my husband’s birthday to be held here with 20 friends. You have to book 6-8 weeks in advance for a weekend slot. The place was a bit hidden and unassuming from the street but we found it. We had a great sized area for 20 people and it had a fridge perfect for the food and drinks we brought. It’s great you’re allowed to bring food and drinks! The lessons were done in pairs and then we went on to a tournament. All our friends had a blast and kept saying how fun it was. It’s a very fun group event that we highly recommend! $40/pp for 3 hours!


Stephanie M.,

I’ve been twice now for special events and loved it each time. Axe throwing is really cathartic and it’s not too difficult to pick up (though it is really hard to do consistently!) We brought our own food and drinks each time and there was more than enough room for us to spread out. Definitely a great plan for a birthday or team building event!


Tara Z.,

I suck at this. And yet this is the funniest thing I could do in the city. I love being a part of my league, the staff is cool as f, and you never know who you’re going to see throw a bullseye or a big axe.


Natali M., .

Fantastic place to go as a group.

Located by the docklands area in a warehouse type environment and not easy to find the first time round.

The guys who work here and keep the competitions style games going are pretty cool guys, fun and professional.

It is too bad they do not have some sort of onsite vending machines or snacks, the next best option was ordering pizza from the nearest pizzanova shop.

Would definitely go again.


Bobby N., .

I want to do this all the time, and envy those that do. I will search for an excuse to hold an event here. Happy birthday mom, here’s the big axe to throw!


A happy birthday from Natali M., .

I had so much fun when I went to the original location on Sterling. The staff and tournament leaders were amazing! I would definitely go again : )

Grace, .

We went to BATL once for a friend’s birthday, and it was AWESOME. All around great night throwing axes with really really great staff. Id recommend checking it out!

Marky, .

“Remember primal man, who only had his hands – who forged in fire and steel, the tools to kill his meal. We honour him this day and pray our axe to stay” WELCOME TO BATL! :)

M .Wilson, .

I checked this place out on Monday night for their league Orientation open house and had a blast. After a few throws, I was hooked and signed up. They’re doing two more open house nights, tonight (jan 14th) and tomorrow (jan 15th). Its a lot of fun and I am excited for the league to start.

Carl, .

Simply put Backyard Axe Throwing League is the best thing you can do on a weeknight in Toronto. As a competitor or spectator there is nothing more fun then standing around and watching some top notch competition.

Geoff, .