The Home of Axe Throwing Since 2006

I have to say, prior to heading to BATL to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I was unsure of how the three hours would go. Sure, I’d heard about it through friends and wondered if it was just hype. I’m super stoked to report that it exceeded all my expectations. Yes, there is axe throwing. Yes, it’s BYOB. But what made it an absolute blast was the staff. They were badass, hilarious, friendly, and encouraging. I struggled with throwing in the beginning, but the staff were super positive and attentive – they suggested multiple techniques until you were comfortable. Once I got the hang out of it, it made my day and they are the first to celebrate with me. I HIGHLY recommend visiting with a big group of friends.


Sara S., March 2014

Celebrated a buddy’s 40th here a couple weeks ago and had an amazing time. Bring your own booze (wine/beer) in cans and plastic and store in your own fridge. Order in pizza or bring take-out.

The staff are down-to-earth people who had a great sense of humour and patience. They stick with you through the whole experience, teaching you the basics (harder than you think) and then running a tournament for your group.

Seems counter-intuitive to drink and throw axes but the environment and staff make sure it’s all very safe. Our three hour session flew by and I can’t wait to go back.


RB, February 2015

We celebrated the earlier portion of a friend’s bachelor party here. It was loads of fun. It takes a while to get the hang of throwing the ax, but you get several practice runs. You throw at targets, the closer to the bull’s eye, the higher the score. Sounds easy, in theory. Each individual then goes on several head-to-head competitions against opponents and a judge keeps score. By the end of the night, a winner is declared. They allow outside food and beer, and provide a fridge to store it. You might think that beer and axes don’t mix, and you’d be absolutely right. But they make sure that you follow safety rules. Don’t think this place is for men only. There were large groups of ladies as well.


Idan R., March 2015

I’ve been twice now for special events and loved it each time. Axe throwing is really cathartic and it’s not too difficult to pick up (though it is really hard to do consistently!) We brought our own food and drinks each time and there was more than enough room for us to spread out. Definitely a great plan for a birthday or team building event!


Tara Z., December 2014

I organized my husband’s birthday to be held here with 20 friends. You have to book 6-8 weeks in advance for a weekend slot. The place was a bit hidden and unassuming from the street but we found it. We had a great sized area for 20 people and it had a fridge perfect for the food and drinks we brought. It’s great you’re allowed to bring food and drinks! The lessons were done in pairs and then we went on to a tournament. All our friends had a blast and kept saying how fun it was. It’s a very fun group event that we highly recommend! $40/pp for 3 hours!


Stephanie S., November 2014

I hosted my birthday event here a few weeks ago, and had an absolutely fantastic time! I came with a group of about 20 people and booked about a month in advance, which I would highly recommend doing, because spots fill up fast. All the staff here are super professional and adept at handling events with large groups and ensuring everyone has fun. For most of the people in my group, it was our first time throwing axes, so the staff gave us tips and pointers and also gave us ample time to practice before starting the “friendly competition.” Once you’ve booked the place, you don’t even have to worry about anything else. They arrange everything for you, and pair people up randomly for the competition, so you don’t even have to worry about a thing, and everyone gets a chance to play like 4 rounds during the round robin part. For some reason they left my friend’s name off the list and didn’t realize until it came time for her to pay – but they were super nice about the mistake and still let her play like 4 rounds in a row, so she got her money’s worth. Paying was also a very smooth process considering the large group.

The staff there really try to make the experience fun for everyone and don’t openly judge you, even if you suck like me. They always try to be encouraging, and will celebrate with you when you get a really good throw in. Overall a really cool, chill group of people, but at the same time they know how to do their job and make sure everyone is having a safe time.

Even though I was embarrassingly awful at the actual axe throwing, I still had a ton of fun and would love to come back again! It’s an awesome, low-key, stress-relieving activity, and will make you feel super badass 😀 They have great facilities, so you can bring your own food and drinks, and your party area comes equipped with a fridge and counter. Would highly recommend for any large events, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.!


Shirley L., March 2015

I came here for my work staff party not too long ago. Apparently we were the first big group at that location.

It was so much fun!! The staff were so nice and helpful and really walked you through the process. They were super patient and understanding of the fact that this activity was completely foreign to some people.

It was a great night and it was the best feeling ever when your throw would actually hit the target!

It’s also pretty cool that you’re allowed to bring in food, drinks and alcohol. Nothing like throwing back a few drinks while tossing some axes 😛

I would definitely recommend this place to people and go back.


Arielle G., March 2015

I really enjoyed myself at BATL, I didn’t even know axe throwing was a thing, but the professional atmosphere of the place reassured me right away that this was a legitimate activity. They have a good ratio of instructors to students and they teach you how to throw axes. At first it reminded me of gym class (not a good time in my life) but our instructors (who were both named Ryan) made all the difference and soon I was having so much fun! I advise you bring lots of snacks, its a bit like bowling where everyone hangs out and talks, but here you are taking turns throwing axes as you compete to be the top axe throwing. They provide a fridge to keep your drinks cold. I was with a wide age range, from young adult to 50 year olds, and lots of us were not sporty people, but everyone loved it. People were texting friends telling them they had to go try it. I highly recommend you try it once, even if you think it won’t be for you.


Carolyn B., January 2015

SO AMAZING. I went here with a giant group of friends (about 12) as something sort of different and fun to do. It absolutely exceeded all expectations. It’s BYOB, which made the event a lot more fun. You have a guide through all of it. It’s all a round robin, with two people dueling off beside each other. The winner moves on, while the loser still gets their turn for a lower spot in the ranks. I’m 5’5, about 120 pounds and SO weak, but I was still able to launch the axe across the space and stick it in the bullseye. The staff is super friendly, and make it their number one priority to keep you safe. There is a warm-up sort of session before the competition actually starts, so everyone knows how to throw properly. It was a tad on the expensive side, but definitely worth it. I can’t say enough good things about this place.


Ashley C., March 2015

These guys are down in an old industrial building near the foot of Cherry Street by the portlands in Toronto. They have a slick, well run operation. You rent an “area” for the evening so you can have your little party. Comes with countertop/serving area and fridge so you can bring your own booze – they don’t sell liquor. You get several staff that teach you and run your axe throwing competition. its a round-robin event with 2 sides/4 targets so you can have 2 groups of 2 competing against each other at any given time. They keep score and judge for you. Women were just as good as the guys. They are not really “axes” as much as they are large hatchets. If you do end up in a tie, then they bring out the big fireman’s axe and that is tough to throw accurately. Was good value and a lot of fun. Started at 8 pm, done by 11pm – they actually hev to close shortly after that for bylaw reasons. BATL stands for Backyard Axe Throwing League i believe.


Jeffe and Joose, February 2015

Seriously, how cool is this place?! It’s kind of like your buddy invites you over to his warehouse to throw some darts…but then your redneck “friend” shows up with his axe like it’s no big deal, so really, you’re going to toss that big bad boy instead of a stupid wimpy little dart. Factor in some bumpin music, some cool instructors, a BYOB environment and BAM, you have this stellar place. Ideal for bday parties, work functions, or just a night away


AdosOC, February 2015

If you’ve never thrown an axe into wood, it really is something you MUST try.

We went for a Team Building exercise and the staff ran our training and tournament like clockwork. It’s a fun environment and they make sure all safety precautions are in place. Yes, these are real axes you will be throwing.

You need to call ahead and book your time slots. The reservations get filled fast.


Ramirez-S., May 2015

If someone told me I’d have so much fun throwing axes around for 3 hours I wouldn’t believe him!

There is something very primal about throwing an axe at a target and watching it stick into the wooden board. Very satisfying.

So, the deal is this: You get 11 of your closest friends (they don’t recommend children) and you book one site (four targets). The minimum is 12 people (at about $45/person for 3 hours), but if you have less people, you’d just end up paying more per person. First, you get taught how to throw the axe, the correct form and technique. There are two staff members continuously around, so safety is not an issue. Once you’re comfortable enough throwing the axe, you get to practice for about an hour, trying to hit the target. People switch out so that everyone gets a chance to throw … The staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and very encouraging.

The sign in process and waiver forms are all done before starting, quick and painless on iPads.

I’d recommend axe throwing for any kind of group event, or even as a team building activity.


Travel_Bug81, June 2015

Thanks so very much, Pickering staff!!! We surprised my sister with a birthday “experience” that blew her out of the water. We all had a blast and an incredible part of that is how patient and fun the staff were. Tirelessly explaining the how and the way of throwing. You were all awesome!!! I’ll be back with friends, once I’ve ditched my walker and am mobile again:)


Jane G, April 2015

We came to BATL Grounds to celebrate our friends birthday and this was PERFECT!! The staff was super friendly and cool and took the time to teach each one of us how to throw the axe. I required a little extra help haha but they were very patient with me and made it that much more fun for the group. I highly recommend checking this place out because it really does make for a fun and memorable experience with friends. You’re definitely missing out by not giving this one a try, Loved it!


Suzanne H., March 2015

This place is amazing. The staff are very engaging and they keep the place fun and safe. They know how to treat customers the way customers want to be treated. Book a party and check it out. Make it stick it’s all in the hips


Marcantony L., October 2014

Just wanted to say thank you to B.A.T.L. Pickering location for hosting my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party last night… we had such a blast and our “trainers” Nelson and Ryan were so patient and fun that it made the experience so much better…you guys run a great establishment and I can’t wait to go out and do it all over again…!!!!! If I had to rate you guys on a scale of 1-10, you’d be a 20!! Thanks again and keep on throwin’!


Joanne K., April 2015

Thanks for a fun filled day Sterling BATL the Taylor Family had a terrific time! You guys are awesome!!!


Anne T., March 2015

If you are looking for a great time, something truly unique, that you can be sure will have you amped up the whole time you are there, this is for you.

The staff is excellent, funny, courteous, and safety conscious, and take every step to make sure that you are having a great time. the tournament style setup makes for a lot of action with an energy that will keep everyone going all night, and the rush of sinking your first axe in the targets will be the thing that hooks you in for more!

All in all it was a great time, our group had a fantastic round and will no doubt be back to do this again.


Dan A., September 2014

Thanks BATL! I won by one point with a final toss right into the clutch! Epic on so many levels but mainly that the moment was embraced by cheers and joy from all my friends and the staff at sterling ave BATL in the junction triangle. Thanks for a great time


Luke G., May 2015

Absolutely amazing experience at BALT Pickering location, if you haven’t tried it you SHOULD ! The staff is amazing. Thanks for the amazing time, definitely going to join the league !


Catherine P., March 2015

Thanks for the awesome surprise axe-throwing birthday party yesterday! We had an amazing time! And thank you Ian for being so patient with all my questions!


Farra Y., April 2015

We held a client event here and it was a FABULOUS time for everyone!! The staff are excellent and there were a lotta laughs! I would highly recommend it!


Joanne O., November 2014

Had an awesome time at #batlpickering. If you’ve never gone axe throwing it’s a must try.


Paddy, April 2015

Sick time at #BATL #axethrowing with some good peeps. Its a great spot, run by good dudes


Mark A., June 2015

@batlgroundsaxe Omg I love you. Axe throwing is my new favourite thing to do.


Clarissa, April 2015

Outstanding time earlier tonight at @batlgroundsaxe in Toronto (beaches). I highly recommend it…and not just cause I, the Bday boy, won!


Eric, March 2015

Fell in love with axe throwing tonight. Huge thank you to @batlgroundsaxe for hosting us!


Emily, February 2015

@batlgroundsaxe had an awesome time last night with my colleagues at our work event! Hoping can go again soon!


M.G., June 2015

Axe throwing rocks! Great day spent @batlgroundsaxe. Thanks for such a great experience. Everyone needs to throw axes!


Socrates, January 2015

If Facebook is an accurate reflection of what Toronto has become, all my friends are axe-throwing alcoholic foodies.


Richard S., December 2014

Thx @batlgroundsaxe Kitchener for a superbly fun evening. Had a blast learning how to throw an axe!


L.B., May 2015